How Can Reflexology Help Me

Career and job opportunities are constantly changing, along with the education and training required for them. We have to be on our toes to keep up with this ever-shifting environment.

Many corporate careerists are on a treadmill that keeps them constantly under pressure to advance up the corporate ladder or be eliminated.

We find ourselves spending increasing amounts of time at tasks that don't satisfy us or allow us enough time to spend with family and friends.

Many sedentary jobs are deceiving. On the surface they look calm and quiet, but they generate internal turmoil and anxiety. Office workers and executives spend long, fatiguing hours sitting at desks.

Sedentary jobs produce stress without the physical activity to release it. People who sit for long hours frequently complain of undifferentiated stress - stress that has no apparent cause or solution. It sneaks up in the midst of a normal business day, tightening the neck and shoulders, producing headaches and upset stomachs.


Reflexology can ease these tensions and worries. While it will not take away the stimuli at work that cause stress, it will give you an outlet for shaking the adverse effects of stress on the body and the immune system.


 Reflexology helps people become less irritable and easier to work with. Others quirky habits that normally drive you nuts, become less annoying. You develop a more live-and-let-live like attitude, so that even a ringing phone or the impatience of a co-worker doesn't seem to matter so much. You become more tolerant.


Reflexology will relieve the blockages of circulation and energy that occur when you work with shoulders curled over your desk and your head dropped.

One of the great benefits for office workers and executives is the new type of energy that comes immediately after a satisfying reflexology session.

A different quality of energy replaces the nervous fidgety energy that characterises so much indoor activity. This energy empowers creativity accomplishing more and therefore increasing productivity.


Reflexology treatments eliminate many of the conditions that accompany a stressful life, i.e.

•  The headaches,

•  High blood pressure

•  Colds,

•  Eyestrain,

•  Indigestion,

•  Neck & Back ache, and other minor ailments