“I went to see Eimear when my IBS symptoms became uncontrollable. It was hard to work out what I could and could not eat, as different foods affected me in a random sort of way. I had given up on all sorts of socialising because of the stomach pains. Now my stomach pains are gone and I can eat just about anything I want. I feel much more positive, and my social life is returning to normal” (A.Child, Newbury)

“For the first time in years I have been able to eat doughnuts and birthday cake without getting terrible headaches” (M.Saunders, Thatcham)

“I came to Eimear because I was tired and had no energy. I also got terrible hives on a daily basis. Almost immediately my energy levels improved and I haven't had any hives since the third treatment” (S. Allan, Newbury)

“I played golf yesterday, all day. It was very windy and I was surrounded by trees, shrubs and long grass. Usually those conditions would bring on a sore throat, itchy eyes and constant sneezing. I am very happy to say that I didn't experience a single symptom, and that was after only 2 NAET sessions with Eimear” (A.Hewitt, Newbury)

“Since starting NAET treatments with Eimear, my eczema patches have cleared up. I've been having pain-free periods for the first time in my life. My stomach aches are gone and I feel much more positive about everything” (R.Waters, Newbury)

“Since starting treatment 3 months ago I've lost loads of weight without even trying. I've gone down 2 dress sizes, and I'm not craving sugar like I used to. You don't know how much my life had changed since coming to you (Eimear). People are noticing that I am more confident and easier to be around” (B. Monks, Oxon)

“My daughter has suffered from severe acne since she was 14 years old. She started NAET treatments 4 months ago and her acne is almost gone, despite lots of exam stress. This is the first treatment that has had any noticeable effect and needless to say she is delighted and her confidence has soared as a result, which is a lovely bonus!” (M. Brooks, Thatcham)