Touch for Health]

Learn Kinesiology with Touch for Health (TFH) Courses

Touch for Health is for lay people and health professionals. It introduces the art of muscle testing and the basic procedures to balance the body.

Learn skills to: -

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Reduce stress and pain
  • Increase mental clarity and enhance immune system function
  • Food and sensitivity testing
  • Emotional stress release

Who can learn Touch for Health?

Everyone! No previous knowledge or experience is required. The Touch for Health system was designed for anyone to use on

  • Themselves
  • Friends
  • Family

It is ideal for Complementary Therapists, Personal Trainers, Teachers, Sports Personnel, Parents and Business People.

Courses are carefully structured and monitored for ease of learning and students learn through practical hand on application of what is taught.

The TFH courses are designed and monitored by the International Kinesiology College and are delivered by highly trained instructors. The TFH courses can be used towards gaining a professional qualification in Kinesiology.